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Realise the maximum value from the powerful VR experience when deep engagement of an audience is a priority.

We have worked with companies such as Vale, Anglo UK and Barrick to create meaningful experiences at conferences and industry events.

We are helping the industry build trust through transparency, putting the power of virtual tour creation in the hands of site owners to facilitate low cost, high impact virtual site visits.

Thanks to the maturing of various technologies, including Virtual Reality production, domestic internet speeds and drones, Reality Check produces, hosts and distributes virtual tours for asset owners who want to increase the transparency of their industry.

Over the past several years, the popularity and relevance of virtual reality has grown exponentially. Virtual reality offers every business the chance to rethink how they present to and engage with their customers. As both marketing and customer service tools, VR opens new possibilities for showcasing products and services. And further down the line, VR is likely to become a uniquely useful source of information on customer behavior.s 

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